To All Families and Friends

Over the next couple of months. Villa Dalmacia will be undergoing some floor renovations. All of the carpeted areas throughout the main corridors in the facility are going to be replaced with commercial grade vinyl plank.

This will obviously cause some minor disruptions, but we are keen to make sure our residents experience as little disruption as possible.

Each week we will be notifying the families who have a family member living on the wing that is being renovated the next week, as it may cause some disruptions between the hours of 8am and 3pm and your family members wing will not be accessible. The main corridor will have the carpet removed and new vinyl put in, to be in line with what’s already in the residents bedrooms. Residents on this wing will have their Breakfast and Lunch in our main therapy room throughout this week but will be able to return to their wing after 3pm every day.

With this in mind, could I ask that if you are visiting a loved one during the time of renovation, could you please visit after 3pm so you can access their room without problems.

We really appreciate your assistance in this matter and we’re looking forward to the updated flooring being completed.

Lee Hickman